Sage CRM


Realtime Business Insight

Sage CRM offers management real-time information about sales, marketing, customer service activities and performance. With access to business KPI's in realtime on 'access anywhere' dashboards, it is easy to monitor performance and take corrective action where necessary. 

Customer Service

Sage CRM offers case management, SLA tracking, workflow and exceptional reporting. Build in auto-escalations to keep a watchful eye on overdue tasks and with access to the latest support information across teams, Sales and Marketing will always be on top of their clients' support requirements. No nasty surprises. 

Sales Management

Completely mobile, social and collaborative, Sage CRM allows you to monitor your sales pipeline on the move. Sales and activity reports are available at the click of a button, allowing your sales team to focus on what they do best: SALES! 

Marketing Management

Eliminate guesswork by creating highly targeted marketing campaigns by organizing client and prospect information into relevant campaign lists. Manage your relationships with prospects, leads and customers on social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Already using MailChimp? Sage CRM's built-in integration to MailChimp allows users to:

  • Push Sage CRM contacts into MailChimp
  • Quickly and easily create new targeted email marketing campaigns in Sage CRM. 
  • Send the campaign and automatically add a communication record to the relevant records in Sage CRM
  • View a list of sent MailChimp campaigns in Sage CRM and gain valuable insight into the results (opens, clicks, bounces and more)
  • Segment lists and create groups based on responses for future campaigns.

Integrated Finance

The sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Integrating CRM with your ERP gives new meaning to the single view concept. Integration means data is entered once and then carried all the way to your ERP, eliminating duplication and reducing inefficiency. A sales order entered into Sage CRM (let's say from a mobile device), is automatically transferred into Sage 300. No re-capture required. 

New client records that are created in the field are available to the finance team immediately, leading to consistent and accurate data. No more manual documents or spreadsheets, resulting in a quicker lead-to-sale life cycle for your organization.